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Institutions & Universities

VIB   the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology
BCCM™   Belgian Co-ordinated Collections of Micro-organisms
BCCM/LMBP   Belgian plasmids catalogue
CABRI   European Plasmid Catalogue
CABRI Hyper Catalogue   Plasmids Catalogue
EMMA   the European Mouse Mutant Archive
TGA   University of Michigan : Transgenic Animal Model Core
ESF   European Science Foundation
Transgene   Immunotherapy to fight cancer & infectious diseases
DHGP   German Human Genome Project
NIH   National Institutes of Health
Duke University   Duke Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
NKI-AVL   the Netherlands Cancer Institute
Institute of Genetics   the University of Nottingham
EMBO   the European Molecular Biology Organization
RZPD-server   RZPD German Resource Center for Genome Research
EMBL Heidelberg   European Molecular Biology Laboratory
HHMI   the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
JAX   the Jackson Laboratory (mice models)
ATCC   American Type Culture Collection

Sequence search

BEN   Belgian EMBnet Node
Primer3   Primer Design
DBase KO   Database Gene Knockout
EBI   European Bio-informatics Institute
MGI   Mouse Genome Informatics
MGI - MouseBlast   search sequence within mouse/rodent sequence databases

Mapping Software

BRC   Bioinformatics & Statistical Genetics
QGR   Fundamentals of Quantitative Genetics

Protocols & Techniques

Renibacterium salmoninarum Genome Sequencing Project
Mouse Radiation Hybrid Mapping Project

Mice & Men

International Mouse Strain Resource (IMSR)
The Whole Mouse Catalog
Gene Dictionary of the Mouse Genome
TreeView for displaying phylogenies
Database of Cre transgenic lines (Nagy Lab)
The Mouse Clinical Institute - Institut Clinique de la Souris (ICS)


Euroscicon   European Scientific Conferences

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