Instructions for authors

Biomatec Echo is an online journal edited by the Association des Biologistes Marocains de Belgique (Biomatec). Biomatec Echo is published in English or French each three months and provides coverage of scientific advantages and topics in the field of Biology. Special attention is given to works performed by Moroccan biologists in and outside Morocco.

I. Editorial Board


II. Contact Information

Mustapha NAJIMI PhD.  
Laboratoire d’hépatologie pédiatrique & thérapie cellulaire  
Université Catholique de Louvain  
Téléphone +32 2 764 5283

III. Categories of manuscripts(1)

This section consists of invited brief editorial comments on particular subjects regarding works performed by Moroccan scientists within or outside Morocco.

Manuscripts submitted in this category are expected to be concise, well organized and clearly written. The maximum length is 3,000 words, excluding the abstract, references, tables and figures.

Review articles on selected topics of interest for the readers of Biomatec Echo must not be longer than 5000 words excluding references, tables and figures. The inclusion of tables and figures to summarize critical points is highly desirable.


IV. Manuscript submission

Each manuscript must be sent as an attached document by email to :

V. Organization of the manuscripts

The submitted manuscript must be typed double-spaced throughout. Tables and figures must be sent in separate files from the text. Colored figures must be of high resolution (>300dpi).

This page must contain:
(1) title.
(2) the names of the authors including the first names of all the authors in full;
(3) names of department(s) and institution(s)
(4) name, address, telephone and fax numbers and electronic mail address of the corresponding author.

Should be numbered consecutively in the text with Arabic numerals and each typed on a separate sheet with the table number and title centred above the table and explanatory notes below the table.

Should be typed and double spaced. They should be numbered according to the order of citation. Enough information should be provided to permit interpretations of figures without reference to the text.

(1) Authors are responsible for the intellectual content and the data of their manuscript.


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