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Suggested Topic for ECHO 8 : June 2008

Microbes & control of infectious diseases

Deadline : 15 Januari 2008

Guest Editor : Dr. Mustapha CHAMEKH

Despite the progress made in development of vaccination and drug design, infectious diseases remain responsible of approximately 30% of death worldwide. More than 90% of cases are concerning developing countries where the lack of hygiene, associated with the poverty is still a major factor to be faced. Therefore, there is a crucial need for accurate research and hygienic programs aiming to reduce the impact of such diseases.

This special issue will be devoted to different aspects of microbiology and host-pathogen relationships. This will include all microbial pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites) of medical, veterinary and economic importance.

Interested researchers are encouraged to submit their contributions as original papers or reviews presenting up-to-date knowledge on various aspects including:

  • Epidemiology
  • Cellular and molecular pathogenesis
  • Immunity to infection
  • Drug design and vaccine

How to submit your article

Papers should be submitted electronically (as email file attachments) to the Guest Editor of Biomatec Echo 9: Dr. Mustapha Chamekh on this email :
We invite you to consult our Journal's web page to know more about our waiting concerning the quality of the articles subjected for publication to the Biomatec Echo.

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