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Suggested Topic for ECHO 7 : December 2007

Animal models in Biomedical Research

Deadline : not submitted yet

Guest Editor : Dr. Omar NYABI

Biomedical research depends on the use of animal models to understand the pathogenesis of human disease at a cellular and molecular level and to provide systems for developing and testing new therapies.

An animal model is a non human animal with a disease or injury similar to the human condition. There is a wide variety of animal models that provide investigators with ability to characterize and evaluate therapies.

Though non-mammalian models are used, e.g. C. elegans, drosophila, and Xenopus, mammalian models, such as the mouse, have been prominent in modeling human diseases. This is attributable mostly to the striking homology between mammalian genomes and the many similarities in aspects ranging from anatomy to cell biology.

The use of animal models allows researchers to investigate how the disease progresses and which factors are important to the disease process. The model can be used to study prospective treatments in controlled experiments subject to control by ethical committees.

Finally, most medical advances over the last century have been achieved using animals. Longer life expectancy, treatment of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, vaccination, and many other developments are all testament to the benefits of using animal models in research.

This issue will be devoted to different aspects of animal models used to depict molecular mechanisms or to shed light on the biological function of genes in diseases.

Interested researchers are invited to submit their contributions as original papers or as reviews presenting an updated knowledge on animal models.

How to submit your article

Papers should be submitted electronically (as email file attachments) to the Guest Editor of Biomatec Echo 7:
We invite you to consult our Journal's web page to know more about our waiting concerning the quality of the articles subjected for publication to the Biomatec Echo.

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