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Biology or life science is a scientific discipline that contributes to the social-economic leap in the developed countries by its ramifications in domains as diversified as the one of biomedical, food processing (agro-alimentaire) and environmental sciences.
This, as well as biotechnology in general and genetic engineering in particular, is changing the concept of our life and imposes adaptation of our societies to face the new challenges to the dawn of the third millennium.

The "Association des biologistes Marocains de Belgique" (Biomatec-Bel) is an association without lucrative goal (ASBL for Belgium) that is founded in 1992 under the initiative of researchers exercising in different Belgian universities. Biomatec-Bel is a politically neutral association of which the statuses are published in the Belgian "Moniteur". It groups the Moroccans working in the biology and biotechnology fields in Belgium.

Biomatec-Bel holds uniformly its general assembly driving to the election of his board of directors. This one realizes its action program through the intermediary ones of different committees in charge to coordinate its activities through different university campuses: scientific committee, information and contact committee, international coordination committee and the research and development committee.

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